Summer events 2018 in Villar d’Arène / La Grave

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The associations of Villar d’Arène happily present sporting, festive and convivial events…

Sport events:
– September 15/16: Ultra Raid MTB La Meije Association URLM

Cultural events:
– The Encounters of Haute Romanche 2nd week of July
– From 28/07 to 05/08: Messiaen Festival in the Country of the Meije “The Russian music according to Messian”

So-called street events: festive, friendly…
– National Day with outdoor Ball-Petanque / Ass. That of Happiness – Villar d’Arène en Fête: games and traditions / Villar d’Arène Signs
– Screening Outdoor Films / Villar d’Arène Signs
– Star Night / Ass. Astroguindaine – Signs of Villar d’Arène
– Open Air Concerts / Ass. St Martin’s Church
10/7: concert “Quatuor des Célestins” flutes 9 pm Villar d’Arène
17/7: concert “Music rhythm- Botega Quintet” 17h30 Villar d’Arène
18/7: classical concert “Quaturo Botéga” clarinets 19 pm college of Briançon. 24/7 “origami” The Albertino 17 h Villar d’Arène
07/8: Cello Recital Delphine Fournier 21h La Grave
21/8: Show “Violin of the Cities – Violin of the Fields” 21h Villar d’Arène
– Feast of the Diane de Villar d’Arena / The Diane de Villar d’Arène 60th Anniversary!

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